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Improve the efficiency & sustainability of your dairy farm

The digital sustainability ecosystem for your dairy operation

Milk Sustainability Center (MSC) is a digital ecosystem to help dairy farmers improve the efficiency and sustainability of their operations.

Discover the power of Milk Sustainability Center

Dairy is a complex business with no system integration between crop and animal performance. Dairy farmers often use five to seven different, non-connected software solutions.

MSC connects those software solutions for you to provide a holistic view of your farm’s sustainability.
Holistic and detailed farm view

Aggregates and visualizes data from field and barn, allows a holistic farm overview and enables independent insights.

Automated upload of farm land & dairy data

Broad range of data from farm software is automatically and centrally stored.

Combining farm land & dairy data in one tool
MSC automates data flows for most popular field and milking equipment to minimize manual data collection and entry.

Let MSC do the sustainability thinking for you

We offer actionable sustainability insights to help you become more efficient and sustainable.

How Milk Sustainability Center will help you make your dairy farm operation more sustainable

Monitor your NUE and CO2e

MSC calculates your Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE) and CO2e based on your daily farm operations. This in turn helps you make sustainable and profit-driven decisions. Learn more about NUE and CO2e

Easily identify improvement areas
MSC provides data to allow dairy farmers to compare their performance to other dairy operations, thus being able to identify key areas of improving their sustainability score.
See benchmark values and get actionable insights

By analyzing benchmark data and sustainable farming best practices, MSC is able to give recommendations on how to reduce nutrient losses to the air and groundwater leading to higher NUE and a lower CO2e.

See your farms sustainability potential
Assess different scenarios through simulation and review what the impact would be on nutrient use efficiency, carbon footprint or profitability, when implementing a certain technology or changing a certain strategy.

We help dairy farmers make sustainability improvements through reduced CO2e and increased NUE.

Why are NUE and CO2e important measures for your sustainability?

Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE)

The NUE indicates the ratio of input and output of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium.

Using your nutrients more efficiently will decrease your environmental footprint and increase your profitability: Doing more with less

CO2 equivalent (CO2e)

CO2e is a scientific terminology and a way to normalize various greenhouse gases to make nitrous oxide (N2O), methane (CH4), and carbon dioxide (CO2) comparable.

Find the contributing factors to your footprint and choose a strategy for lowering your it.

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The initial version of MSC will be released in Summer 2024 in North America and selected European countries and will be free of charge. A premium version with extended capabilities will be released at a later date. 

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Aiming to empower dairy farmers to gain a holistic view of their farm, DeLaval and John Deere bundled their powers to create MSC

Sparking conversations and collaboration

Cloud-based solution
Instant access to your data to consult more freely with advisors and colleagues
Minimal data entry ​​
Automated data uploads allow for the most recent data & insights at all times
Get inspired by others ​​
Compare your data with an anonymized benchmark group
Easy collaboration with your team
Invite others (consultants, dealers) to view your data in MSC   

Let’s get the conversation started

We’re eager to hear your thoughts and insights and invite you to join our farmer panel to talk with us about your sustainability needs and how MSC can contribute to those. 

There is so much more to come...

Here is a sneak preview of what the Milk Sustainability Platform will look like. All the information you need in one easy-to-use platform.

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